Please look here for answers to our most frequently asked questions, or contact us for any additional information.

How much and how long are lessons?

For students 7 years old and up, with their own horses, lessons are an hour long in length and run either $50 per lesson, or we offer a pre-paid package of 5 lessons for $225.

For lessons on a lesson horse, they run $60 per lesson, or we offer a pre-paid package of 5 lessons for $275.

Do you have lesson horses or do I need to have my own?

While a large number of our clients do own their horse, we have a very nice set of lesson horses available for our students to use.  They have been carefully selected for their disposition and training, and can take riders from their first time ever on a horse to competing in local shows.

What do I need to bring with me?

We provide all necessary equipment (brushes, pads, saddles, etc.) for the horses when using a lesson horse.  Riders are required to wear long pants made of non-slippery material, such as jeans or English breeches.  Riders are also required to wear closed toed, smooth soled, and heeled boots.  For all riders of any age using lesson horses ASTM certified helmets are required. For riders 18 and under on their own horse they are also required. Students 19 and over who ride their own horse have the option of wearing a helmet, but they are strongly encouraged.  Students also need to bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen if needed.

Where are lessons at?

The lesson horses are currently located at Red Canyon Stables in Canon City, CO.  Lessons are offered at that facility, or at off-site locations if you have your own horse and arena.  Depending on distance, there might be a mileage fee for traveling to your location.