Which Unicorn Will You Ride?

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about Unicorns. Why? Because they are rare and unique, and everyone would like one. Each of our lesson horses has been specially selected to safely provide clients with the skills that they need to learn to ride effectively.  For us, each of these horses is very special, and definitely worthy of unicorn status!

Alotta Chock


Stetson is a 15 year old APHA gelding, and everything about him is big! He is our tallest lesson horse, with the splashiest bold markings, and a gregarious personality.  We always joke that there is nothing subtle about Stetson.  He is a gentle giant though, and everyone loves him.  He teaches riders of all ages and skill levels, and has shown in many different English and western events.  He has a wonderful smooth canter and a gorgeous long trot, and has quickly become a favorite mount among his students.

CC Seis Siestas


Biscuit is a 13 year old AQHA gelding. He is a very classic short and stocky quarter horse, and was bred to work cattle.  He is used for some walk/trot lessons and advanced ranch horse lessons.  Biscuit is a sweet soul and very responsive to his riders.  He truly teaches those that ride him that when communicating with horses, less is often more!  He is also my personal "go to" horse any time that I want to hit the trails or need to use a horse to work with other young or troubled horses.  He is definitely one in a million!

Especial Sierra


Special is a 24 year old AQHA mare, and she definitely lives up to her name!  She is a highly decorated show horse, and has carried her riders to many different awards over the years.  While she is now retired from the big shows, she does get to occasionally strut her stuff at smaller shows, where she dutifully carries her beginner show students.  She is a sweet and quirky mare, and we are very lucky to have her!

Got The Goods


Riley is a 12 year old minimal white APHA gelding with an easily recognizable big white face.  Always one of the first to greet everyone when they arrive at the barn, he loves to have his face rubbed and savors his treats.  He is used for lessons of all levels, and has shown very successfully over the past few years in both English and western events.

Securely Zipped


Razz is a 16 year old Appaloosa mare, and has been a part of the program for quite a few years now.  She has belonged to two different students, and then a year ago became a permanent member of the lesson horse family.  Razz is very special in many ways...having taken previous owners to the winner's circle in the show ring in both English and Western events, and now is a phenomenal lesson horse for students of many levels to learn from.  What makes her the most special is her huge heart...this beautiful little mare is severely visually impaired, yet you would hardly know.  She has compensated beautifully for her loss of vision, and teaches her students how to responsibly and conscientiously communicate with her.

Painted With Invy


Wiley is an 11 year old APHA gelding, and is the barn baby. I owned his mother and have had him since birth.  Many of our students have had the opportunity to watch him mature over the years. This handsome big guy will be used for more advanced lessons and show students, and will be used for both English and Western events.



Mia is a 10 year old AQHA mare. While one of the youngest horses in the lesson program, she has been a steadfast mount for riders of many skills and ages.  She has a smooth trot and canter, and doesn't like to go any faster than is absolutely necessary, which has made her a perfect mount for younger riders learning to canter on their own.  However, more advanced students can get her motivated and unlock her athletic abilities.  She had a wonderful show ring debut in the spring, and we are looking forward to getting her out to more competitions over the next year to come!

Marty The Mini


Marty is the newest member of our herd. He is also the smallest, being a 6 year old registered miniature horse.  Marty is learning how to behave nicely on the ground and will eventually learn how to drive as well.  Future plans for Marty include special needs lessons, where he can offer equine therapy, and showing in classes at local shows.  Despite his diminutive stature, he has a huge personality, and keeps us laughing at his crazy antics!

Coming Soon


As a couple of our lesson horses near retirement, the hunt for a new one is on! Hopefully we'll have the perfect new addition to our herd soon!